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The NFPA 654 defines combustible dust as a combustible particulate solid that causes a deflagration or fire hazard when suspended in the air along with other oxidizing agents over a range of concentrations, regardless of its size and shape.
  • Combustible solids that are small enough to be deflagrable.
  • Deflagrable particles suspended in the air.
  • Source of ignition.
  • Combustible particles with high concentration levels.


You will find fine hazardous dust in the highest areas of a building such as the top of ductwork, rafters, and top of lights etc.
The smaller the particle, the higher the chances of an explosion.


Our combustible dust cleaning equipment is suitable for use in the following industries and not only:



We work with HVAC professionals and facility managers to change the way they approach maintenance of HVAC equipment. We offer planned and predictive maintenance to improve efficiency and longevity of the equipment.

Power Plant and Petrochemical Plant Equipment Maintenance

We use maintenance solutions that increase efficiency and save time on critical maintenance issues.

Food and Beverage

We have innovative equipment for maintenance and cleaning in food and beverage production plants. We also have solutions for water sensitive cleaning areas.

Facility Maintenance

Our state-of-the-art combustible dust cleaning equipment offers high-performance and versatility when handling multiple tasks.

Maritime and Offshore

We have equipment that offers solutions to ship chandlers, direct purchasers and cleaning heat exchangers. We serve LNG carriers, cruise ships among others.

Pharmaceutical Processing

To offer high hygiene standards, we have industrial vacuums and pneumatic conveyors to increase production efficiency and avoid cross-contamination.


Our equipment can help you claim valuable fluids and avoid dangerous dust.

Paper Manufacturing

We can help you control the threat of breathable combustible dust and improve efficiency during production.

Product Contamination

Our equipment collects and maintains microscopic particulates that can cause damage to electronics.
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