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As an industrial vacuum cleaner provider, we understand the importance of a safe manufacturing environment.

There are many types of combustible dust and explosion proof vacuum cleaners but the fact is not all of them work.

Buying ineffective vacuum cleaners is a guaranteed way of worsening your combustible dust problem. This is where PrestiVac comes in, we have helped manufacturing plants fight combustible dust for over 25 years by providing them with the right vacuum cleaners.

Our vacuum cleaners are known for their efficiency and how they are made and used. Our combustible and explosion proof vacuums are of the highest quality and are made of solid stainless steel. They also have high suction power and are easy to use.

We have over 200 types of industrial vacuum cleaners and we will help you find one that works for your industry.

Our Goal

We aim to help companies make informed decisions on the best equipment to use, the safest procedures and to stay compliant.

As our customer, we will give you all the information to make it easy for you to buy the right vacuum cleaner.

All our products are approved and certified as they meet all the standards (NRTL and NFPA).

We Stand Behind our Products

When you buy an explosion proof or combustible dust proof vacuum from us, you are assured that the product will work in your environment.

Our technicians do not second guess, they will check your site and programs and recommend a vacuum that will meet all your requirements.

Choose PrestiVac to keep your workers, you and your plant safe from a combustible dust explosion. We are proven in this industry and we will do all we can to prove that we are the best company when it comes to getting rid of combustible dust safely.



Our explosion proof vacuums are safe for use. The dust particles are safely secured inside the vacuum and the extra safety features ensure that workers do not come into contact with the hazardous material.

Long-Term Success

We work to make sure that our customers enjoy long-term business success by eradicating all dust related risks.

Conform to Regulations

We have worked in this industry for a long time meaning that we understand all the rules and regulations. You are safe with us.

Best Value

We sell high-quality products at affordable rates.

3 Year Warranty

Out best value commitment is strengthened by this lengthy warranty that shows that we trust our products.

Vacuum Modification

We can modify the vacuums to meet the unique needs of our clients.


Our vacuums are easy to use and do not need outrageous skills to run.

Solid Stainless Steel

Our vacuums are of stainless steel and can work in extreme conditions.


Serving clients all other the world

The PrestiVac Explosion Proof Air Operated model has been a perfect tool for our large production facility. Very powerful and efficient. It is the most silent Air Operated Vacuum in the market! With it’s (4) wheel swivel, it is easy to maneuver around our production line and it fits through doorways. Highly recommended.

Mr. XXXXXX - Cressona, PA


I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with the PrestiVac Products. I purchased the Model EX1-5 HEPA. Fantastic for the smaller areas and easy to clean. Very sturdy! Thankyou PrestiVac for making my job easier..

Mr. XXXXXX - Norwich, NY


The PrestiVac Vacuums are awesome. Everyone is amazed at how clean our plant can be. We purchased 3 vacuums and they work excellent. Very efficient. They don’t clog up and easy to empty.

Mr. XXXXXX - Santa Clara, CA


Great Product! And Great Service! We highly recommend the PrestiVac Brand.

Mr. XXXXXX - Marquette, MI